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After moving from Rhode Island to Florida in October, 2006 the only thing Tim had in abundance was spare time. In April, 2007 a strange dream provided him with a way to fill some of that time…by inspiring him to write a book.

Two years later that novel, Living the Dream, was released.

Since then, Tim has released eight novels, all taking place in the seaside community of Flagler Beach, the place he now calls home. He has also written a collection of short stories based upon his iconic and charismatic anti-hero Ike, as well as co-written two zombie novellas.

In His Own Words

Let me begin by saying I hate writing bios about myself. I’ve had to do it a few times since I became an author, and it doesn’t get any easier. It would be nice if I had somebody else to write it for me, but sadly I can’t afford such luxuries yet. I suppose I...

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Is Your Dog Really Blind?

One of the questions I am often asked is “Where does the name Blindogg Books come from?” which is usually followed closely by “Why is it spelled wrong?” The story begins in 1992, or maybe 1993 (cue the flashback music)… At that time I was raising and socializing puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind....

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Library at a Glance

Library at a Glance

Living the Dream

The Story Behind the Story – Living the Dream

The Story Behind the Story  I’ve always enjoyed reading, and as far back as high school I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a book. It wasn’t until 1988 that I actually begin writing one. Unfortunately, that attempt was short lived (you can read about that here). Throughout the 80s, 90s, and into the early...

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Living the Dream

Perpetual loser Kurt has a scheme to turn his life around – kidnap the woman who ruined his life thirty years ago and collect a nice ransom from her rich husband.

Undeterred by the road trip from hell, he arrives in Florida to find that he may have to scrap his plan and come up with a new one that will keep him alive.

Kurt learns the hard way that sometimes dreams do come true…whether you like it or not.

Praise for Living the Dream

“Living the Dream may not be the traditional thriller novel, but readers can expect to keep a steady level of curiosity as they thirst to find out more…”

~Amazon review

“The story of a botched kidnap draws together the protagonists, and the recurring dream sequences for each of the main characters draw the reader further into this gripping story.”

~Author Tony Walker

Water Hazard

The Story Behind the Story – Water Hazard

The Story Behind the Story  As I explained in a previous piece, I began writing mostly by accident. When Living the Dream was published I had no inclination to write another book. I assumed the one story was all I had in me, until I attended a work-related (my day job) seminar about ground water....

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Water Hazard

A normal day turns deadly when Steve Warwick finds himself thrust into the search for missing teenager Justin.

With the help of his friend Ike, an ex-Navy SEAL with a tendency to bend the rules, they search for Justin while trying to stay out of the cross-hairs of a crooked land developer and his corrupt political crony.

Steve, Ike, Justin and the Florida beachside community of Flagler Beach may not survive.

Praise for Water Hazard

“The story’s pacing was well-tuned. Each character was real to me; even the characters I did not like … and the underlying theme casts a bright light on something we tend to take for granted; water.”

~Amazon review

“Fast-paced with, lots of action, humor and whimsical characters!”

~Amazon review

No Good Deed

The Story Behing the Story – No Good Deed

The Story Behind the Story No Good Deed was, much to my surprise, written by popular demand. Following Water Hazard, my next planned book was Pump It Up, which was progressing nicely until I started getting messages and emails from people who had read Living the Dream…all asking the same question – “What happened to...

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No Good Deed

In the highly anticipated sequel to Living the Dream, perpetual loser Kurt is back and trying to get his life moving in the right direction.

He’s got a new job, a new car and a new attitude – and he’s ready to make a new start.

Too bad karma didn’t get the memo.

Kurt learns another hard lesson…No good deed goes unpunished.

Praise for No Good Deed

“From the fast-paced plot to the well-drawn characters, No Good Deed was a book that kept my interest. In Al, Kurt, and Candy, the author has given us characters we can root for.”

~Amazon review

“…an entertaining money chase through this weave of the hapless, the homeless, and the heroic. Well-written, the story progresses at a good pace and kept me turning the pages…”

~Amazon review

Pump It Up

The Story Behind the Story – Pump It Up

The Story Behind the Story Sometime during 2010 I read an article in a local newspaper about a man who had been arrested for practicing medicine without a license…but he wasn’t diagnosing illnesses or prescribing medication. He was performing cosmetic enhancements by injecting women with industrial grade silicone…or – in more colloquial terms – he...

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Pump It Up

While vacationing in Flagler Beach, Florida, Dave Ryan’s midnight stroll on scenic A1A lands him at the bottom of the ocean.

Ex-Navy SEAL Ike rescues Dave from a watery grave, but their problems are just beginning when they cross paths with Ernie Boudreaux – a con-man who performs backroom cosmetic surgery with results that are often more deadly than beautiful.

Ike ands his friends find themselves mixed up with an underground world where beauty is six feet deep.

Praise for Pump It Up

“A fun read with an irresistible hero, colorful characters and a dash of humor…(an) entertaining, fast read.”

~NY Indie Review

“I loved this book for the quirkiness, humor, and downright bizarre characters in it. It was impossible to put down.”

~Amazon review

Backseat to Justice

The Story Behind the Story – Backseat to Justice

The Story Behind the Story Backseat to Justice was never intended to be a book. Unlike No Good Deed, which was I didn’t plan on writing at all, I had every intention of writing Backseat, but no intention of actually releasing it as a novel. Lemme ‘splain… After sending the completed manuscript of Pump It...

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Backseat to Justice

Florida P.I. Steve Salem is hired to tail an unfaithful husband. Not the most glamorous case, but it pays the bills…mostly.

When his mark is executed right before Steve’s eyes he figures the case, and his fee are history…until the widow hires him to investigate the murder.

Steve learns two things – The past is never too far behind – and – Sometimes the law has to take a backseat to justice.

Praise for Backseat to Justice

“This book doesn’t mess around! It gets right into storytelling mode and the pace doesn’t slow down until about an hour after you’ve finished reading…”

~Author Jonathan Vick

“Tim Baker delivers a novel that should cement his standing in the detective mystery genre. Tim is a volatile storyteller…”

~Amazon review

Half of all profits from the sale of Backseat to Justice are donated to Golden Hugs Rescue Inc.

Unfinished Business

The Story Behind the Story – Unfinished Business

The Story Behind the Story Unfinished Business is a perfect example of how a writer never knows where a story idea will come from. In 2010 I became friends with a woman named Meg. Several months later, when I learned that Meg was a mortician/funeral director, I told her that if I shadowed her for...

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Unfinished Business

We all have things to do – until we die…

Meg Seabury has been preparing corpses for burial for 30 years. She loves her job because her clients don’t bother her.

Until she is preparing the corpse of a World War II veteran who didn’t want to take his secret to the grave. Meg now finds herself carrying out the man’s final thoughts.

And it doesn’t stop there.

Praise for Unfinished Business

“It’s a mystery. It’s a drama. It’s a paranormal adventure into that world of emotional light and shadow that haunts many of us mortals and causes us to ponder how we feel about that world beyond the veil.”

~Author Rebecca Heishman

“…non stop action, love the main character in the story and the unique story line. Could not put this book down.”

~Amazon review

Eyewitness Blues

The Story Behind the Story – Eyewitness Blues

The Story Behind the Story I think one of the best things a writer can do is to simply pay attention to the world around him/her, because, as I’ve said before, you never know when or where inspiration will strike. Eyewitness Blues is a case in point. I was having a conversation with a friend...

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Eyewitness Blues

Martin Aquino is certain that the witness protection program would be the fresh start his life needs…the only problem is that he hasn’t witnessed anything.

That doesn’t stop him though. He may not have seen the murder, but he knows who did it. That should be enough…right?

Mob boss Don Gammino gives Martin a case of the Eyewitness Blues.

Praise for Eyewitness Blues

“Baker draws his characters with a deft hand and we see early on why Martin has to make the choices he does.”

~Author Susan Nicholls

“Eyewitness Blues’ is a fun…character-driven tale that takes the reader from Rhode Island to sunnier Flagler Beach in Florida. Baker delivers perfect visual images of his protagonists and antagonists through their actions with masterful brevity.”

~Amazon review

Full Circle

The Story Behind the Story – Full Circle

The Story Behind the Story I’ve probably told the story of Full Circle more than any of my other books, but I’ll tell it again in case you haven’t heard it. Living the Dream was my first published novel. I began writing it in 2007, but it was not my first attempt at writing a...

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Full Circle

What goes around comes around.

When it starts coming around on Joe Moretti he thinks his money and power will protect him.

His self-preservation scheme starts a chain reaction that ripples through the beachside community of Flagler Beach, Florida until it comes full circle back to Joe.

Praise for Full Circle

“Following each character through the chain reaction set off by Joe Moretti Jr. made this one of those books that you can’t put down! I found myself still thinking about the story well after I finished it and all those moments where you look back and think about how the seemingly small things we do can change our course and those around us in such a significant way.”

~Amazon review

“…solidly written action/suspense novel set in the sleepy beach town of Flagler Beach, Florida. I purchased the book simply because I live in Flagler Beach, and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the story and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.”

~Amazon review

Blood in the Water

The Story Behind the Story – Blood in the Water

The Story Behind the Story I’m going to be honest with you…Blood in the Water was, for all intents and purposes, improvised so I could write a story about SCUBA diving and sharks. It all began in 1977, when, as a 16 year old kid with lots of disposable income, I became a certified SCUBA...

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Blood in the Water

Bob “Oscar” Oscarson finds a 300-year-old coin while SCUBA diving, but his search for the rest of the treasure lands him in hot water.

Flagler Beach P.I. Steve Salem and his partner Val are searching for a missing man. When his body washes up on the beach they have a murder to solve.

Could Oscar’s treasure and the dead body be related?

Sometimes the past is best left buried.

Praise for Blood in the Water

“(The Characters) are all artfully brought together when their paths cross over a treasure hunt, political machinations, murder, revenge, and romance, laced with rapid and titillating repartee. All in all a very enjoyable and entertaining read.”

~Amazon review

“…has the style and intriguing plot work I have come to expect from Tim’s books.”

~Amazon review

Path of a Bullet

The Story Behind the Story – Path of a Bullet

The Story Behind the Story Path of a Bullet is a collection of short stories. In the book I give an introduction to each story explaining its inspiration and origin, so I won’t do that here. Instead, I’ll tell you how about how I decided to write the collection. It began shortly  before Christmas, 2013...

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Path of a Bullet

From eliminating a bad Santa to solving the murder of a drowned clown…ex-Navy SEAL Ike does it all in this collection of short stories.

The beachside community of Flagler Beach, Florida is known for its idyllic small-town feel, and it has Ike to thank for keeping it that way.

Employed as an enforcer for local bookie and restaurant owner Ralph Donabedian, Ike takes the law into his own hands whenever justice needs to be served.

Praise for Path of a Bullet

“…for aficionados of clever, solid, pacy action writing, PATH OF A BULLET is for you… a compilation of great short stories…spins around Ike, an improbable, roustabout hero…a modern off-white Knight in shining armour. “

~Author Seumas Gallacher

“If you haven’t been introduced to Ike, this collection of short stories is a wonderful way to make his acquaintance. He’s definitely a guy you want in your corner.”

~Author Susan Toy

Dying Days

The Story Behind the Story – Dying Days

The Story Behind the Story The Dying Days/European Village novellas (there are two) started with one of those moments between friends that’s more of a joke than anything else. I was enjoying a typical, beautiful Florida evening with fellow author Armand Rosamillia and some other friends in a place called European Village one night, and...

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Dying Days*

Zombies have invaded northeast Florida.

The European Village Resort in Palm Coast is under siege. A handful of survivors have to fight there way out of the encircled village and flee to safety…if there is such a thing

*co-written with horror author Armand Rosamillia

Praise for Dying Days

“These two books were seamless in the telling of the story. I truly enjoyed how well the characters jumped off the pages and came to life ,so full of attitude and moxy.”

~Amazon review

“…a unique take on the zombie genre. It was fast paced and terror filled from start to finish. Just the way I like them.”

~Amazon review

Clutch and Throttle

The Story Behind the Story – Clutch and Throttle

The Story Behind the Story  Clutch and Throttle began as a couple of friends sharing stories between themselves about their mutual love of motorcycles… My friend and fellow author Becky Pourchot developed an interest in motorcycles shortly after moving to Florida in 2012. By 2015 she had taken a rider’s course, and bought her first...

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Clutch and Throttle - Tales from Daytona

In this humorous, light-hearted memoir-style collection of short stories, Tim Baker and fellow author Becky Pourchot share their respective adventures on motorcycles.

Starting with their first time in the saddle all the way up to the world-famous bike events of Daytona Beach, Florida.

An interesting he-said-she-said perspective about life on two wheels.

Praise for Clutch and Throttle

“This fast-paced upbeat little book has its heart in the joys of riding motorcycles. But even if you’re not a bike enthusiast, this book serves as a fresh and entertaining reminder about what it means to be an open-hearted human with dreams and longings, and the courage and shameless audacity that it sometimes takes to overcome the fear of challenge. Tim Baker and Becky Pourchot share their individual wisdom as to what you can achieve in life if you can only find a way to get out there and ride the roads of life, freely, fearlessly, and without overthinking or looking back. This is not a book solely about motorcycles. It’s a book about life.”

~Amazon review


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