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The Story Behind the Story – Blood in the Water

The Story Behind the Story

I’m going to be honest with you…Blood in the Water was, for all intents and purposes, improvised so I could write a story about SCUBA diving and sharks.

It all began in 1977, when, as a 16 year old kid with lots of disposable income, I became a certified SCUBA diver. Unfortunately, my time under water was, pretty much, ended in the early 80s when I found myself a single parent with very little income, disposable or otherwise.

Fast-forward to 2014. I met a SCUBA instructor named Nic. We spoke at length about diving and before I knew it, Nic had me re-certified and back in the water.

I had forgotten how much I loved being under the water…but it didn’t take long for the love to come back – and of course I decided that I needed to write a story about diving. There is some diving in Living the Dream, but not very much. And, of course, my main character, Ike, is an ex-Navy SEAL…so it isn’t uncommon for me to put him underwater – but these instances are minor in the big picture of the story.

I wanted a story where diving was a key element, and this is how it happened…

In the summer of 2016 I was diving off the coast of Florida and I spotted something shiny in the sand. Naturally, before I could turn around to pick it up, I was weighing the possibility that it was a piece of pirate booty.

It wasn’t.

My would-be treasure turned out to be the very shiny inside surface of an oyster shell.

Regardless of the fact that I hadn’t struck it rich, I immediately began pondering the possibilities…and one of the possibilities I pondered was “what if I found something valuable, but somebody didn’t want it to be found?”

That was all I needed…

…and that’s the story behind that story.


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