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The Story Behind the Story – Clutch and Throttle

The Story Behind the Story

 Clutch and Throttle began as a couple of friends sharing stories between themselves about their mutual love of motorcycles…

My friend and fellow author Becky Pourchot developed an interest in motorcycles shortly after moving to Florida in 2012. By 2015 she had taken a rider’s course, and bought her first bike, whereas I’ve been riding since 1973.

Becky’s new-found enthusiasm for all things biker led to many conversations about our individual perspectives. Hers from the point of view of a newbie, mine from several years of riding.

As she is prone to do, Becky began turning every moment in the seat into some sort of philosophical life-lesson…so I told her she needed to write them down and share them on her blog. Shortly thereafter she sent me a draft of her first post. After reading it I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between her experiences and my own when I was learning to ride, so I wrote a short post that “mirrored” hers and sent it to her. My thought was she could post the two pieces on her blog as sort of a he-said-she-said thing.

Becky had a different idea…that we continue documenting our experiences and use them to create a book…a fun collection of zen-flavored biker stories from polar-opposite viewpoints.

It wasn’t long before the book was a reality.

The stories may involve bikes, but there’s a big-picture element to them that gives them a universal appeal – so leather is optional…

…and that’s the story behind that story.


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