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The Story Behind the Story – Dying Days

The Story Behind the Story

The Dying Days/European Village novellas (there are two) started with one of those moments between friends that’s more of a joke than anything else.

I was enjoying a typical, beautiful Florida evening with fellow author Armand Rosamillia and some other friends in a place called European Village one night, and Armand and I were discussing a writing collaboration when somebody (I don’t recall who) suggested we team up and write a story about zombies attacking European Village.

At first we laughed.

Then we looked around at the way the cluster of three-story buildings were arranged in a triangular shape, forming a fort-like configuration, and thought “this would be a pretty cool place for a standoff between the living and the undead“…then we started joking about putting all of our friends in the story, which got lots of support from the group!

The more we talked about it – the more we liked the idea.

The following weekend (beginning the day after Thanksgiving, 2013) Armand came to my house and we started writing. We laughed almost continuously at the new and inventive ways we found to kill off our friends, and before we knew it, it was Sunday and book one (Dying Days – The Siege of European Village) was done!

It was so much fun and so well-received that we released Dying Days – Siege II the following year. For the sequel I spent the weekend at Armand’s house – but the result was the same…lots of laughing and lots of dead friends!

If the truth be told, I am not a big fan of zombie stories, but these books were so tongue-in-cheek that I consider them more comedy than zombie – but fans of the zombie genre seem to approve, so you be the judge…

…and that’s the story behind that story.


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