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The Story Behind the Story – Eyewitness Blues

The Story Behind the Story

I think one of the best things a writer can do is to simply pay attention to the world around him/her, because, as I’ve said before, you never know when or where inspiration will strike.

Eyewitness Blues is a case in point.

I was having a conversation with a friend who was a little down on his luck, and he said “I need to get into the witness protection plan so I can start over with a new life.” To which I replied “have you witnessed anything?”

At that moment he could have told me he had witnessed Jimmy Hoffa shooting Kennedy from the grassy knoll and then hiding in Area 51…it wouldn’t have mattered, because I had just stumbled onto the what if for my next book.

What if a guy was convinced his train wreck of a life could only be salvaged if he were placed in the witness protection program. New identity, new location, new home…perfect. There’s only thing standing in his way – the simple fact that he hasn’t witnessed a crime of any kind.

Naturally – this won’t stand in his way…he works in a restaurant owned by a Rhode Island mobster who commits crimes every day. All he has to do is claim to have seen one of them and his troubles are over.

Right away I knew this book would be fun to read, but even better, it was going to be fun to write…

…and that’s the story behind that story.


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