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The Story Behing the Story – No Good Deed

The Story Behind the Story

No Good Deed was, much to my surprise, written by popular demand.

Following Water Hazard, my next planned book was Pump It Up, which was progressing nicely until I started getting messages and emails from people who had read Living the Dream…all asking the same question – “What happened to Kurt?

I wasn’t sure how to respond.

At first I answered them with an open-ended “whatever you want to have happened”.

This didn’t go over well, so I changed my response to something like “He’s Kurt…whatever happened to him probably didn’t end well.”

Also not well received.

The messages kept coming. I was actually surprised to learn that, not only had so many people read my book, but they actually took such a strong interest in a character.

It was very flattering, and, after a bit of thought, I decided to give the people what they want. So I put Pump It Up on hold and began work on a sequel to give Kurt, and his followers, some closure.

Then something weird happened…the story was in its infancy, and I hadn’t made up my mind about where to go with it. I was on the sofa on a rainy Sunday afternoon watching an old movie (I don’t remember which one) and I dozed off. It was just a quick power nap, maybe 15 minutes, but when I woke up I knew exactly where to go with the entire story.

It wasn’t a dream, per se, it was more like a subconscious revelation. You know…like when you’re just about to fall asleep and suddenly you snap awake with the answer to some long forgotten problem…like the location of your missing car keys or the answer to the question you missed on that high school biology test.

Just like that I had nearly the entire plot of No Good Deed, and from there it was a piece of cake writing the story.

And the fact that the impetus for Living the Dream AND its sequel came to me while I slept struck me as a pretty cool coincidence…

…and that’s the story behind the story.

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